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Getting access to an Adderall Prescription
Regardless of the fact that you're investing time and effort in your life, through good food, regular exercise and quality sleep, you still can't focus the way you used to when you were younger. You start to investigate your symptoms and they all point to a certain fact. You're suffering from ADHD, and it's not getting better anytime soon.
You decide it's time to do something about this, find a healthcare professional and acquire a prescription for one of the few kinds of ADHD medication.

First step - Inform yourself
It doesn't make sense to ask for a prescription for a condition you know nothing about, so the logical solution to this problem is to acquire quality information about ADHD. This way you can directly speak about this condition's symptoms and relate to real life examples.
You're already doing this since you're reading this article. Take a look below and see if you can relate...
Every time I'm involved on an assignment I discover that I've wandered off doing something completely unproductive, like checking my Facebook or e-mails.
I need to receive information multiple times in order to properly remember it, just skimming through information doesn't allow it to get ingrained in my memories and is quickly forgotten.
Being calm during class is extremely hard, because I get an urge to do something interesting, like talking to friends, or simply playing a video game on my smart phone.
Achieving success at both class and work is a very tiresome  endeavour.
Paying attention to detail isn't something that's easy to do.
Procrastination? Lifestyle.
I constantly shift my attention through my ongoing projects, but I never really finish any of them.
Writing down things is the way I remind myself of important things.
Hopefully I won't lose my job the next time I miss a work-related deadline.
I had better academic results earlier in life, but now I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.
Do you see yourself in the examples presented above?     
If yes, maybe it's time to meet with a healthcare professional!

Second step - Arrange a meeting with a psychiatrist
The reason you want to meet with a psychiatrist is that ADHD, akaAttention Deficit Disorder and Hyper Disorder, are mental health conditions. This makes psychiatrists the responsible healthcare professionals able to prescribe medication for these conditions. Because of the increase of ADHD-diagnosed patients in the last few years, doctors have started to refer  patients showing such symptoms to psychiatrists. This way you will save time and go directly to the people that can help you with your condition, capable of prescribing the appropriate medication for you.

Third step - Create a positive image for yourself
Since there are many people willing to abuse the healthcare system, you have to present yourself in a convincing way to your doctor. Make sure you take plenty of time to rest and have a shower before you get to the meeting. It's important that you leave the impression that you care about the process and you're not planning to simply take advantage of the prescription medication.

Fourth step - Communicate honestly with your doctor
Knowing that you want this medication is actually the first step before you even get here. We've got to remain ethical here. If you want ADHD prescription medicine you're going to feel comfortable talking about it. You should, anyway the reason you have to make sure you want ADHD prescription medicine isn't only to convince your doctor to grant you the prescription...
For this reason you need to speak honestly and openly, explaining to your doctor that you've thoroughly examined your options, suspected condition and choice of medicine. This will bring about confidence and trust from your doctor, because you're a reasonable, well informed individual and it's highly likely that you're a responsible adult and it's going to help you to live a better life.
We strongly suggest that you don't mention other health issues, because this may put you in a position where you shouldn't take the medicine for health-related reasons. Make your case up in your head, before you get to meet your doctor and try to pay attention to details.
We strongly suggest that you don't mention other health issues, such as depression, heart conditions, infections, having dangerous thoughts, suicidal tendencies, and even high blood pressure!

It is there because in order to really want something you must have information regarding your chosen direction. Information may reveal surprises to you as well, since ADHD is a pretty strong condition which is completely visible, but contradictory to this, ADHD presents itself in normal, every-day things that affect us, stemming from character traits, bad habits and false beliefs.
Adderall is a behaviour changing pill. Negative consequences against health have been associated with use of this prescription medicine. Adderall is a strong mixture of chemicals, promptly named amphetamine and "dextro" amphetamine, stimulants which affect the CNS (Central Nervous System).
Through the influence over chemicals in the brain and nerves, that benefit the process in overcoming the ADHD condition, Adderall supports the sufferers of extreme ADHD symptoms.  
Your doctor will want to know whether you've had ADHD your whole life or experienced it's symptoms for a long period of time. Mention that the time has come where it is starting to negatively impede your life.
This is when you list off the above examples of how ADHD  affects your life.

Long ago I told a psychiatrist that I went e to see him to get prescribed Adderall, because I have ADHD and a friend of mine gave me one of his Adderall which  really helped me. The psychiatrist didn’t blink and prescribed me some on the spot. I’d be careful with this approach nowadays because your psychiatrist may think you are trying to take advantage of the situation and they may not prescribe it to you. Or he may prescribe you some mild ADHD medication that doesn’t work as well.

I've tried them all; Concerta doesn't even come close, while Ritalinl and Vyvanse can almost reach Adderall's level. Not too long ago, I switched my insurance company and had to meet with a new psychiatrist. Instead of saying what I wanted, I did the opposite. Basically just explained which of the usual effects I experienced, and why I didn't like any of them. This convinced her to grant me access to the prescription for Adderall .

Worth a reminder;  refer to step one and inform yourself! Being knowledgeable on this topic will show that you care about the condition, which is of value when measuring the amount of confidence the doctor will have towards you and your intentions.

Proper Dosage
After you get your Adderall prescription, and buy Adderall online your doctor will suggest either instant or time release pills. Whatever the form, agree and go with it. Before the period of 30 days has passed, your doctor will contact you for a meeting, where they will gain feedback regarding your reactions and experience with the treatment.
Depending on the nature of said experience, you can basically vote for or against different types of 10mg Adderall pills.
This is a honesty based relationship, supported by doctor-client confidence. You should simply ask to try different options or already known types of treatment with reassurance of a positive experience.

Buying Adderall online

Generic Adderral pills are mostly come from Pakistan. The internet is full of reviews of fake or impure pills that were sold by 1 week lifetime sites and passed off as the real thing. With zero quality control, you are risking your health by consuming these mystery pills. Adderall is a Schedule 2 drug which has a higher potential of abuse and addiction then other popular ADHD drug: Modafinil (Schedule4). It is easier to get Modafinil online. Modafinil is an alertness-boosting smart drug, containing the same active ingredient as found in the branded drug Provigil (note the lack of numerical suffix). It is available as a generic medication in stores and online.